Lab grown Diamonds

The process of gathering natural diamonds is a very dangerous and environmentally unfriendly process that disrupts thousands of acres of earth, uses hundreds of gallons of water, and causes major air pollution. Lab grown diamonds are the solution to this problem, being much safer to produce instead of mine, and do not harm the environment nearly as much as the collection of natural diamonds. The quality of lab diamonds are also equally as grand as natural diamonds, having the same chemical composition, structure, and refractive index, a lab grown diamond will be nearly indistinguishable from a natural diamond while being far more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Lab grown diamonds also benefit from being less expensive than natural diamonds as well since they are much easier to acquire then natural.


Enviromental Impact

Natural Diamonds are mined without enviromental impact in mind, meaning that they take a great toll on the enviroment. Heres a chart showing the exact difference between the impact natural dimonds have vs lab grown per carot.
Natural diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Land Excavated
98 square feet per carat
.076 square feet per carat
Carbon Emissions
2.011 ounces per carat
.001 ounces per caret
Water Usage
127 gallons per caret
18 gallons per caret
Loss Time due to Injury Rate
8 days and 100 employees per year



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